If you dove into the pool of my emotions, your neck would be snapped instantly. 

For all of those who have the audacity to try, I’m sorry.

I’m a work in progress. And I’m a slow learner. 

You will find that my emotional excavator is costly to run and it has a small shovel.

If you hang in there, it might be years before the emotional pool is dug to your satisfaction.

You can ask and you can stamp your feet in frustration.

You might be bitterly disappointed. In fact, if you expect more, it is inevitable.

Rest assured, I am aware. I know the fumes are toxic and I know it’s slow moving.

If I was a builder, I’d be fired by now. 

But I also know it’s important to scrape together the money for a service and repairs.

Going against natural instinct and undoing years of reinforced praise is tough. 

It’s like this pool is being built in rock. 

So hang in there. Maybe it will be worth it?


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